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Bug#918992: Other packaging efforts

I just learned that Ross Vandergrift also independently worked on packaging:

> Hi @hstock - I did some initial work, but forgot to push it. You can find what I have here:
> https://github.com/rvandegrift/evdi/tree/debian/sid/debian
> https://github.com/rvandegrift/evdi/tree/patch-queue/debian/sid
> Not sure how far along that is - I don't have an evdi device anymore.

My own packaging efforts have matured somewhat and the library and module are now usable. However I did not get the test app to create a virtual monitor just yet.
Display devices do not show up in xrandr - however under /sys/class/drm the devices are created.

https://github.com/AdnanHodzic/displaylink-debian might be a resource for further investigation.

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