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Bug#918134: O: dpatch -- patch maintenance system for Debian source packages

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I *think* the Alioth archives are up-to-date. Or at least not too far

Description: patch maintenance system for Debian source packages
 dpatch is an easy to use patch system for Debian packages, somewhat
 similar to the dbs package, but much simpler to use.
 It lets you store patches and other simple customization templates in
 debian/patches and otherwise does not require much reorganization of
 your source tree. To get the patches applied at build time you simply
 need to include a makefile snippet and then depend on the
 patch/unpatch target in the build or clean stage of debian/rules - or
 you can use the dpatch patching script directly.
 It can easily apply patches only on specific architectures if needed.


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