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Bug#879203: RFP: redisearch -- search engine on top of Redis

> > > Hm, do we even *want* autoloading modules? I'm not 100% sure we do. I guess
> > > it does not block the packaging anyway...
> > 
> > as an upstream I'd go even further and make it possible to block loading
> > modules from client (runtime), but that's probably just me.
> I don't 100% understand what you mean; can you clarify? :)

I compiled the module and was able to load it as any user from any
location (well, OK - I needed to know Redis' login/password, if set),
but still, that is not something I (as a sys admin) would want.

Anyway, that's something that should be discussed on the upstream
mailing list, not here, so ignore me.

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