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Bug#586135: New package repository pkg-misterhouse

I decided to redo what I use for a packaging repository and now have
that at https://github.com/rocasa/pkg-misterhouse.  Because the
remaining DFSG issues have not yet been resolved, an orig.tar.gz
archive has not yet been finalized but when that can happen, I plan in
import it into pristine-tar and upstream branches for upstream
versions being worked on.

In the mean time, the master branch in the repository basically only
contains the debian/ directory.  Note also that while there may be
still be updates needed for the Files-Excluded section in
debian/copyright, what's currently present can be used by uscan with
the current debian/watch file to create a dfsg repacked orig archive.
For example;  currently it creates a file named

Note also that upstream is working on a new release and it may be for
version 5.0 rather than just version 4.3.

Robert James Clay

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