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Bug#566364: doc-central


I wanted to be able to browse documentation locally, and the Python
viewer doc-central is abandoned.

What I have so far is a Python 3 version using CGI scripts. What I'd
like is something uses wsgi and can run with Python's built-in wsgiref
server instead of requiring a full web server. (maybe flask?)

Pending a better repository my changes are currently at:

I did reformat the code according to current pep 8 conventions. (There
were so many tabs...)

Also doc-central had its own code using the long deprecated rfc822
library for reading the package doc-base files. I dumped that and used
the Deb822 reader in python3-debian.

I forgot to look for a svn repository so I built a history with gbp
import-dsc. (Though the original svn repository is also pretty small,
and lacks tags).

Anyone want to review the changes? Should I release a new version?

Does anyone have a good way of migrating the old svn repository? Is it
even necessary? Where should a new git repository go?


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