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Bug#878152: RFP: Atomsk - A tool for manipulating and converting atomic data files

Package: wnpp

Tag: RFP - Request For Package

Severity: wishlist

Request to add a new package for: Atomsk

Version: 0.9.8

Copyright: GNU/GPL v.3

Author: Pierre Hirel <pierre.hirel@univ-lille1.fr>

Category: Science/Education

Description: Atomsk is an Open Source command-line program dedicated to the creation, manipulation, and conversion of atomic systems.

Web site: http://atomsk.univ-lille1.fr/

Dear Debian users/packagers,

I am a scientist developping a small command-line program named Atomsk, that can convert files between different formats used by common softwares in my field. The files that are manipulated typically contain the coordinates of atoms, for the purpose of simulations or visualization. This program can also perform operations on atom positions.

As a Debian user, I would very much like to see my program added to the list of packages proposed by Debian. However, I have no knowledge of packaging processes whatsoever, so I appeal to a good samaritan to help me bring Atomsk to Debian.

This is my very first RFP, I hope I am doing this right.

Best regards

Pierre Hirel
fn:Dr. Pierre Hirel
org;quoted-printable:Universit=C3=A9 Lille, Sciences et Technologies;Physics Dept.
adr;quoted-printable:B=C3=A2t. C6 - 214;;UMR CNRS 8207 - UMET;Lille;;F-59000;France
title:Assistant Professor

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