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Bug#878059: ITP: golang-github-emicklei-go-restful-swagger12 -- Swagger extension to the go-restful package

On Monday, 9 October 2017 1:10:29 PM AEDT Andrew Shadura wrote:
> I created the repo in collab-maint
> as I was not a member of the team yet back then.

Fair enough.

> > Did you packaged it by just throwing it into NEW?
> Yes. I think it is okay for a micropackage like this.

Easy for you to say as you are not the one to waste hours to do the work that 
has already been done... :(

> > We have to follow procedures to avoid burning each others time...
> > ITP is not an optional thing...
> So is checking NEW before packaging.

No. Checking ITPs should be sufficient.

> > Besides collab-maint is not the best place for Go microlibraries...
> Why?

Proper team maintenance of course and because it is where dh-make-golang 
makes repositories by default.

On this instance not only you've neglected to submit ITP bug but also made a 
repository in an unusual place... Combination of those mistakes (or bad 
decisions) lead to duplication of effort and poor coordination...

Best wishes,
 Dmitry Smirnov.

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