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Bug#878029: ITP: streamlink -- CLI for extracting video streams from various websites to a video player

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Alexis Murzeau <amubtdx@outlook.fr>

* Package name    : streamlink
  Version         : 0.8.1
  Upstream Author : Streamlink Team
* URL             : https://streamlink.github.io/
* License         : BSD-2-clause, Apache-2.0, MIT/Expat, SIL-OFL-1.1
  Programming Lang: Python
  Description     : CLI for extracting video streams from various
websites to a video player

 Streamlink is a CLI utility that pipes flash videos from online streaming
 services to a variety of video players such as VLC, or alternatively, a
 The main purpose of streamlink is to convert CPU-heavy flash plugins to a
 less CPU-intensive format.
 Streamlink is a fork of the Livestreamer project.
 Please note that by using this application you're bypassing ads run by
 such as Twitch.tv. Please consider donating or paying for subscription
 services when they are available for the content you consume and enjoy.

Similar packages:
 - livestreamer: extract streams to video players. livestreamer upstream
   is not maintained since 2015 and was forked as streamlink.
   See #877485.

 - gnome-twitch: a twitch.tv client that can play streams. Does not
   handle other streams than Twitch.
 - cclive/quvi/nomnom: download non-live videos, optionally
   allowing them to be streamed.
 - get-flash-videos: download non-live flash videos.
 - nicovideo-dl: download non-live videos from www.nicovideo.jp.
 - youtube-dl: download non-live videos from various websites.

I have already working packaging here:

Some notes about it:
 - I use git-buildpackage with pristine-tar to keep the exact original
 - I have additional files .travis.yml and travis-build/ used to build
   packages on travis-ci.
 - The generated changes file after build does not include the upstream
   signature (orig.tar.gz.asc) as git-buildpackage does not handle it
   yet. Because of that, I have the lintian warning
   orig-tarball-missing-upstream-signature. (See #872864).

Alexis Murzeau
PGP: B7E6 0EBB 9293 7B06 BDBC  2787 E7BD 1904 F480 937F

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