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Bug#852138: theano 0.9 ready for upload

On 08/10/17 12:53, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:
On 30/09/17 15:38, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:
In Alioth (e49f225, not tagged as my other package's sponsor prefers not doing that until upload).

Note that my hardware can't run the GPU tests due to #877316, so it might be a good idea for someone else to do so before upload.

Has anyone tried this, and if not, should I try asking elsewhere (e.g. the d-science list)?

On Nvidia systems, building theano includes the GPU tests if the GPU is accessible (it may not be in chroots) and the required dependencies are installed: python-pygpu python3-pygpu nvidia-cuda-dev libcuda1 nvidia-driver

(The -dev version is required because libgpuarray dlopen()s libraries by their un-numbered names)

IMO, we should just focus on the CPU tests and hope for the best for the GPU ones. GPU testing could be done within debci, but I am not even sure how we could ensure a test machine is provisioned with the necessary hardware for it (nvidia).

If you want something that doesn't take 5 hours, it's also possible to run just the libgpuarray tests with nosetests3 -v <package root>/theano/gpuarray/tests/ , but this will miss some GPU tests elsewhere in the source tree.

Theano can also use OpenCL, but this is still in development and must be explicitly enabled with THEANO_FLAGS='init_gpu_device=opencl0:0' (dependencies: python-pygpu python3-pygpu libclblas-dev ocl-icd-opencl-dev mesa-opencl-icd).

Considering upstream confirmed active development will stop next year, I would not hold on the prospect of full OpenCL support.


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