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Bug#854887: O: power -- Python module to get power and battery status

[Changwoo Ryu]
> I intend to orphan the power package.
> I packaged this "power" Python module as a dependency of Cura 3D
> printer controller. But, besides the delay of Cura packaging, the
> recent versions of Cura doesn't use this module anymore.

To reduce the number of packages maintained by the 3D printing team,
and make power available for anyone that want to maintain it, I
uploaded the new upstream version of power with the QA team as the
maintainer and moved the git repository to collab-maint.  Can you change
the group of the git repository to complete this transition?

  ssh git.debian.org chgrp -R scm_collab-maint /git/collab-maint/power.git
  ssh git.debian.org chmog -R g+rwX /git/collab-maint/power.git

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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