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Bug#877326: ITP: emoji-data -- The associated data files for emoji characters

Hi Thanks Pall and Bastine

>This is needed to compile new ibus keyboard input method.
>If this is already available, point me to it.

Yes, it is already available in package unicode-data  My problem of emoji itself seems to go away by installing unicode data.

But that /usr/share/unocode is still missing some data compared to Fedora...  So not good enough to get ibus updated.
Now I know Debian has emoji data as a part of unicode-data but it doesn't seem to contain cldr data from unicode in unocode-data.
 http://cldr.unicode.org/ which is released with emoji in http://unicode.org/Public/ .  Fedora seems to create another rpm https://github.com/fujiwarat/cldr-emoji-annotation which looks like coming from the unicode cldr data.

Does anyone coordinating something similar on Debian?  Or should I make repackaged srpm?


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