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Bug#877372: ITP: bzrmk -- Generator for .bzrignore files

Sascha Manns dijo [Sun, Oct 01, 2017 at 07:57:01AM +0200]:
> This program helps by creating a .bzrignore file for your project. After
> installing it provides a binary, which can copy the installed bzr.mk into your
> current project directory. bzr.mk itself provides some useful rules for
> blacklisting some of your files to put them into the .bzrignore.
> (...)
> - - if there are other packages providing similar functionality, how does it
> compare?
> No other packages with similar functionality found.
> - - how do you plan to maintain it?
> I'm the upstream developer and can take care of this package. I don't need a
> co-maintainer, but a sponsor.

Hmmm... I know this is an ITP, but seeing you are the upstream
developer as well...

Do you think this program could be generizable? I mean, if you are
creating patterns for auto-generated files based on
$whatever_heuristic that spans a whole project, would it be possible
to use the output to create a .gitignore, .svnignore, or such as well?

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