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Bug#876095: O: bash-completion -- programmable completion for the bash shell

Hi Gabriel,

sorry for the late reply. Replying to your original mail as I already
had written half the mail a few days ago.

Gabriel F. T. Gomes wrote:
> >> I cloned the package repository and I understood how syncing with
> >> upstream was designed (very clever, imo).  
> >
> >Nice! Didn't look that deep into the package.
> At the time I sent my first email, I was unaware of the existence of
> git-buildpackage.  It turned out that bash-completion is maintained
> with it, so that's where the clever syncing with upstream comes from.

Ah, ok. :-)

> (As a side not, I'm glad I learned about it, because it helped me in
> the other packaging I am working on (pragha).  I converted it to
> git-builbpackage)

Good! :-)

> >Yes, but IMHO it's definitely a good thing to synchronise these bug
> >reports (well, those which are still valid) to Github or the Debian
> >Bug Tracking system — especially since Alioth is going away towards
> >end of this year.
> >[...]
> >Not sure if it might be a good idea to make a dump or copy of all
> >these bug reports as I don't expect them to be preserved when Alioth
> >is decommissioned.
> I saved the results of your search filter as a CSV, so that I have more
> time to work on it.  Should that be enough?

I hope so. Definitely better than nothing.

> I'm keeping my work on a personal git server [1], but as I mentioned in
> the RFS for pragha [2], I don't think that's a good place to keep these
> files in the long term, because I do not fully trust myself as a
> sysadmin.

Should suffice for the moment. It's probably best to wait until
Debian's Alioth replacement is available.

> After I upgraded bash-completion to newer upstream releases, I got some
> conflicts during the installation of the package.  For instance, it
> complained about the existence of the completion file for adb:
> dpkg: error processing archive /home/gftg/debian/bash-completion/bash-completion_2.7-1_all.deb (--install):
>  trying to overwrite '/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/adb', which is also in package adb 1:7.0.0+r33-2
> I know that bts (from packages devscripts) and mount/umount (from
> package mount) have the same problem, because I locally removed them
> from bash-completion (just to test).
> However, I don't know what to do about it.  There should be certainly
> more files that collide this way, but I only saw these in my computer,
> because I have few packages installed.

This is a very common issue with bash-completion and zsh-common (where
zsh's default completions live), but it's also unique to those two

Background: Some projects maintain shell completions rather well,
others don't, but the team maintaining the completions does maintain
them. If new completions are added to bash-completions, it's often a
sign that the project they're for, doesn't really maintain them.

So you should compare the conflicting files: Which are more uptodate,
which have more precise completion.

If it's the one in the project's package, just don't ship the one in
bash-completion and it's good.

If the newly appeared file in bash-completion is clearly the better,
you should maybe not ship it now, but file a bug report against the
other package to exclude it, and if that's done, add in your next
upload Breaks + Replaces headers against the last version of the
package which still contained the conflicting file.

		Regards, Axel
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