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Bug#840486: ITP: imgp -- Superfast batch image resizer and rotator

Package: wnpp

Severity: wishlist

Owner: SZ Lin (林上智) <szlin@cs.nctu.edu.tw>

* Package name    : imgp

  Version         : 2.2

  Upstream Author : Arun Prakash Jana <engineerarun@gmail.com>

* URL             :  https://github.com/jarun/imgp

* License         : GPL-3

  Programming Lang: Python

  Description     :  Superfast batch image resizer and rotator
  - Resize by percentage or resolution
  - Rotate clockwise by specified angle
  - Adaptive resize considering orientation
  - Brute force to a resolution
  - Optimize images to save more space
  - Convert PNG to JPEG
  - Erase exif metadata
  - Force smaller to larger resize
  - Process directories recursively
  - Overwrite source image option
  - Completion scripts for bash, fish, zsh
  - Minimal dependencies
 imgp is under GNU GPLv3.
Sun-Ze Lin  (林上智)

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