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Bug#839116: ITP: node-webcomponentsjs-custom-element-v0 -- CustomElements polyfill from the webcomponentsjs project

Hi Jérémy.  Just circling back to this after spending time on other things.

On 29 Sep 2016, at 7:31 PM, Jérémy Lal <kapouer@melix.org> wrote:
> Packaging only custom-elements actually makes sense in the long term !
> Here's why: currently only the custom-elements part of the v0 spec
> seems to be surviving. The HTML Imports is not supported by firefox [0], and the
> Shadow DOM v0 is hard to polyfill - the version in webcomponents is full of compromises
> and workarounds (just look at the polyfill code size and the fact no new releases happened
> for months).
> Shadom DOM v1 is being upstreamed to whatwg DOM spec [1],
> and some libs are implementing parts of it like the named slots api [2].
> So... i don't know what's the best solution. Using the correct upstream is always better, unless
> the alternate upstream is actually a better maintained fork.

I think I'll go with only custom-element for the moment.  If this turns out to be a mistake
it shouldn't be too hard to recover by packaging the full library as libjs-webcomponents-js
and judicious use of

> In any case my remark about using libjs is still valid (and sorry for my "wrong" words, i usually
> try to be less rude even before my morning coffee).

I've renamed to libjs-webcomponentsjs-custom-element-v0.


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