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Bug#743767: Removing hotot from unstable?

Hi Adrian,

Adrian Bunk wrote:
> hotot is orphaned, not in stable and has several non-trivial RC bugs.
> In #728578 you asked for some time for seeing whether any of the forks 
> persists.
> My impression is that none of these forks seems to be really active,

I just reviewed them and disagree:

https://github.com/sudaraka/Hotot/commits/master has commits from less
than 6 months ago and includes commits from one of the other forks. I
consider that as "active".

Anyways, anyone who plans to adopt or reintroduce hotot (once it has
been removed), should review https://github.com/sudaraka/Hotot/network
and look for the most active forks. So far, the fork by sudaraka seems
to be the most active one in the past year.

> and that there is no point in keeping a dead package that already
> didn't make it into the previous stable.
> Do you agree?

Only partially. I disagree that it's (completely) dead, but I agree
that it doesn't make sense to keep it in unstable if nobody cares
about the RC bugs.

> If not, would you adopt the package?

Nope. I already have quite a lot of packages and other packages in
need are definitely more important to me. And I'm not a Python guru.

I currently see corebird as acceptable alternative although I find the
GNOME-style UI design annoying.

		Regards, Axel
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