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Bug#840036: RFA: pyutilib -- Python library featuring development utilities

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request an adopter for the pyutilib package.

The package description is:
 Pyutilib is a ensemble of Python packages that includes a wide variety
 of utilities for software development.
 The highlight features of this package are:
  - pyutilib.component: well-developed architecture for managing software
    components in complex Python applications
  - pyutilib.workflow: Python classes that provide an intuitive interface
    for defining and executing scientific workflows
  - pyutilib.autotest: automates the setup of test suites from test
    configuration files
  - pyutilib.th: utilities for testing Python software. The main component is an
    extension of Unittest to support new testing capabilities
 Plus, the package includes a couple of useful helper scripts.

No confirmation is needed, please just adopt the package. Until this is closed,
I'll further taking care of this.


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