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Bug#658886: Removing proll from Debian?

On 04/10/16 22:17, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> Hi,
> proll is a JavaStation PROM replacement.
> JavaStations are 32bit, so not supported by the new sparc64 port.
> The old 32bit sparc port has already been remved from Debian.
> Guillem mentions in #658886 that QEMU once used to use proll
> (but didn't anymore in 2012?).
> Am I right that proll is no longer of use for anyone and should be 
> removed from unstable, or are there any usecases left?
> cu
> Adrian

Hi Adrian,

QEMU switched to OpenBIOS from proll several years ago, so the QEMU
dependency is no longer relevant today.



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