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Bug#810822: ITP: MooseFS

On Mon, 18 Jan 2016 07:12:04 AM Jakub Kruszona-Zawadzki wrote:
> We may make official clone of GPL'ed version on GitHub if it change
> anything.

I'm sure it would be very helpful in long term.

> 99.9% of my time I spend on GPL'ed version. Now there is
> only one feature in PRO version that is not available in GPL version. We
> do not plan to change that (maybe in the future exchange this feature to
> another).

Fair enough. Thank you for explanation.

> > Debian already have MooseFS' fork -- LizardFS. To my knowledge at the
> > moment MooseFS do not offer noticeable advantages over LizardFS while
> > the latter seems to have slightly more features.
> You are very wrong. We have users who switched from LizardFS. Stability,
> efficiency for example. Quite important advantages. Not for everyone, but
> at least for serious users.

I understand your passion for MooseFS but I am not convinced.

> > For quite a while LizardFS is developed with community using public VCS
> > and bug tracker (GitHub) as well as Gerrit code review system and
> > continuous integration system. LizardFS have more development
> > transparency than MooseFS ever had.
> And in case of file system it is not good idea.
Strongly disagreed. Transparency is very important. Code review is important. 
VCS is useful. Continuous integration helps to test every change. Community 
are those who are interested to help improving your product and share 
experience so you won't end up alone. Neglecting all those won't get you 

> > Please note that IMHO MooseFS versus LizardFS situation have many
> > similarities with MySQL vs. MariaDB situation where poor Oracle's
> > governance and focus on proprietary addons discourage community from
> > working with them. (MySQL is not as bad as MooseFS because MySQL have
> > public bug tracker).
> You are not right. MariaDB is developed by original author of MySQL, so the
> spirit of MySQL now is in MariaDB.

I'm talking about pragmatic backporting of bugfixes not abstract "spirit of 
MySQL" or fan club of the original founder.

> I invented MooseFS and I'm still developing MooseFS.

I can't thank you enough for your great work. Thank you sincerely for the 
amazing job you have done.

> Also in terms of
> money. We do not make money on MooseFS. The PRO version is just for us to
> help developing it at all. Let's say that thanks to pro version of MooseFS
> we are able to make GPL version of MooseFS. Thanks to that I'm able to
> work 8 hours a day developing MooseFS, so we made PRO version to actually
> improve developing of GPL version.

Fair enough.

> > As I object to introduction of MooseFS to Debian I would object to
> > introduction of MySQL if MariaDB were already available.
> Why? People should have right to choose.

I've already explained some strong reasons. Diversity and choice are not 
necessary good as there is harm from fragmentation and duplication of 
efforts. Every package have maintenance cost. So far I don't recognise 
benefits from introducing almost similar competitive software merely to 
encourage confusion among our users. I'd like to be convinced that MooseFS is 
superiour but I don't see enough supporting evidence.
In some areas MooseFS is worse, at least due to lack of VCS and bug tracker.

> > With all due respect to MooseFS's former innovations and legacy I think
> > for now it would be best to refrain from debianising MooseFS and
> > re-evaluate situation in the future if there will be any development.
> What kind of "development" are you talking about?

Situational. I meant if/when situation is changed.

 Dmitry Smirnov.


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