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Bug#810788: ITP: openshot-qt -- high quality video editing and animation solutions

Dear Gregor and Jonas,

> Is this about packaging the new 2.x series separately?

Yes indeed. The rationales for it is that Jonathan (the upstream developer),
already provides different source packages in respective PPAs for 1.x [1]
and 2.x [2].

[1] https://launchpad.net/~openshot.developers/+archive/ubuntu/daily
[2] https://launchpad.net/~openshot.developers/+archive/ubuntu/libopenshot-daily

So it would make things easier for him, assuming he wants to rebase his PPAs
on top of the Debian packages, if the packages available in Debian were to keep
the same naming convention.

> Please strongly consider coordinate with openshot maintainer, e.g. to
> maybe ship an openshot-common package with reusable parts.

Already done. Jonathan also happens to be the Debian maintainer of the current
openshot package. He is happy to have someone managing this over on the Debian

> You might also - both of you - consider joining the Debian Multimedia
> team :-)

Great suggestion. I will send a request to join in and ask Jonathan.

Best regards,

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