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Bug#759602: O: ghdl -- VHDL compiler/simulator using GCC technology

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I intend to orphan the ghdl package.

The package description is:
 (Description from the GHDL home page <http://ghdl.free.fr>):
 GHDL is a VHDL simulator, using the GCC technology.
 VHDL is a language standardized by the IEEE, intended for developing
 electronic systems.
 GHDL implements the VHDL language according to the IEEE 1076-1987 or
 the IEEE 1076-1993 standard. GHDL compiles VHDL files and creates a
 binary which simulates (or executes) your design.
 GHDL does not do synthesis: it cannot translate your design into a

As much as I have enjoyed maintaining this package and hope to see GHDL
and other free and open-source HDL software tools succeed, I no longer
have time to maintain this package due to being involved with other
important projects.

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