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Bug#759159: ITP: shibboleth-resolver - Library to access the Shibboleth Attribute Resolver from Third-Party Applications

package: wnpp
severity: wishlist
owner: hartmans@debian.org

URL: http://www.shibboleth.org/
Source: svn https://svn.shibboleth.net/extensions/cpp-sp-resolver/trunk

Description: Shibboleth library to access Attribute Resolver
 The Shibboleth Service provider consumes information about an
 authenticated user from SAML and GSS-API , providing services such as
 attribute mapping, authorization, and attribute resolution.  This
 extension permits a third-party application to access resolved

License: Apache 2.0

I'm packaging this because it is a dependency of the Moonshot GSS-API
mechanism, an implementation of RFC 7055 (EAP for GSS-API).

Current work can be seen at

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