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Bug#708132: bcache-tools ITP

Gabriel, David,

I'd like to help with getting this package into Debian. What is this
waiting on right now, please, and how can I help speed things up?

I'd also like to see bcache-tools in Ubuntu, and I see that Gabriel is
already maintaining a PPA on Launchpad. I am not a DD (but can poke
several), but I can sponsor packages into Ubuntu. I can upload to Ubuntu
ahead of a Debian upload if things are held up at the Debian end, but
I'd prefer to see the package going in via Debian.

I see a recent upload to mentors by David. Is this currently a candidate
for upload, or there more work to be done? Do you need a sponsor, or do
you have someone looking it already?

On a separate (not-really-Debian) note, it'd be great to see somebody
maintaining bcache-tools stable releases in Ubuntu for bugfixes and so
on. Gabriel (or anyone else), if you're interested, I'd be happy to
sponsor these or otherwise coordinate against your PPA with you, rather
than step on your toes.


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