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Bug#742704: ImplicitCad in Debian


On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 07:51:00AM -0700, Christopher Olah wrote:
> Presently, I no longer maintain ImplicitCAD. I've been pretty poor
> about handling this. I put it out temporarily to work on some other
> stuff and ended up getting pulled away. Now I work full time on
> machine learning research. I just don't have the cycles to keep
> another project in my head anymore. :/

Understandable; that's what it looked like.

> In any case, right now there's no upstream for ImplicitCAD. I've
> spoken to a few people who were interested in taking over maintenance,
> but they haven't ended up doing so.
> ImplicitCAD, unfortunately, has a bunch of rough corners. Mostly,
> these deal with the computational costs of rendering objects at high
> resolutions and rendering issues at low resolutions.
> If you're interested, I'll try and pull together remaining interest in
> ImplicitCAD and see if we can find a new maintainer. It'll need to
> wait until after the NIPS submission deadline, though.

Yes, if you could do that, that would be great!  There's no hurry, it's already
nice to know that something is happening.


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