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Bug#722345: Bundled version of snappy in libcompress-snappy [RFP]

I was taking a look at the packaging for libcompress-snappy-perl again
earlier, having seen it on the WNPP list several times.

From the commits at [0], it seems the main issue preventing packaging
was the bundled version of snappy.

For a while I couldn't figure this out as the bundled files don't match
any of the files in libsnappy-dev, because the version included is
actually csnappy from [1]

To quote the readme at [1]:
> Google's code is written in C with a lot of C++. Some of the more interesting
> features that rely on C++ appear to have been elided from the open source
> version of Snappy.
> Goals:
>  To get the codebase into a shape that can be accepted into the mainline
>  Linux kernel and used with zram (http://code.google.com/p/compcache/).
>  Being able to compress vmlinux and initrd with Snappy is a secondary goal.
>  Same for support in Squashfs and other parts of the kernel that currently
>  support LZO.
> Results:
>  I cut out or ported to plain ANSI C the necessary code and headers.
>  To cause less confusion, I call this project (and files) csnappy.
>  The API looks right, but I welcome comments.
>  The code *has* been tested in kernel-space using a patched zram and it works.

Which leaves two options...

a) Use the bundled version of csnappy
b) Package csnappy for Debian

[1] https://github.com/zeevt/csnappy

Daniel Lintott
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