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Bug#749099: ITP:conv -- Simple ASCII, binary,decimal, hex converter

Hello to all,

The purpose is the same iprint. The difference is that it allows you to
choose the conversion option.

Usage: conv [mode] arg1 arg2 arg3 ...

- Binary to decimal b2d
- B2h Binary to hexadecimal
- Binary to ASCII b2a

- d2b Decimal to binary
- D2H Decimal to hexadecimal
- d2a Decimal to ASCII

- h2b Hexadecimal to binary
- Hexadecimal to decimal H2D
- h2a Hexadecimal to ASCII

- ASCII to binary a2b
- a2d to decimal ASCII
- A2H ASCII to hexadecimal

-h - help Print this help
-i - info Print information about program

Ie you can only get the result you want. What can be more useful
depending on the situation and need.

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