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Bug#749245: ITP: profileswitcher -- make easier to use more profiles in Iceweasel and Icedove

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Yann Amar <quidame@poivron.org>

* Package name    : profileswitcher
  Version         : 1.6.2
  Upstream Author : Paolo Kaosmos <kaosmos@freeshell.de>
* URL             : https://freeshell.de/~kaosmos/profileswitcher-en.html
* License         : GPL-3.0+
  Programming Lang: javascript
  Description     : make easier to use more profiles in Iceweasel and Icedove

I would like to package the "profileswitcher" mozilla addon. Upstream author
totally agrees with that, and the changelog shows that he takes care of
compatibility with Debian versions (i.e. Iceweasel and Icedove).

Quoting upstream:
"This extension adds also in the File menu two new items to start another
profile or the profile manager. From the extension's preferences, you can
choose what to do when you launch another profile (close the one in use,
don't close it, ask every time - If you choose to run the profile manager
in safe-mode, the current profile will be always closed). Moreover it can
add the name of the profile in the titlebar or as icon in the statusbar."

The source package will be named "profileswitcher", and the binary package
will be "xul-ext-profileswitcher".


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