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Bug#478755: RFP: eZcomponents -- framework for PHP


On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 08:25:29PM +0100, Martin Meredith wrote:

> This got me thinking. It'd be nice if eZcomponents was packaged for
> debian so that I could get it installed easily.
> <Derick> the coolest way would be if it could be done per component
> actually
> the base classes would go into say,
> ezcomponents-base, and then a component like, for example,
> WorkflowDatabaseTieIn would have

If this (old) ITP is about multiple packages, there should probably be
more than one bug. Since there has not been any action in the last few
years, there is probably not much point keeping it open.

Furthermore, eZcomponents has been renamed as Zeta Components in the
mean time. php-zeta-base and php-zeta-console-tools have recently been
uploaded to Debian. If that covers the spirit of that ITP, maybe should
it be closed.



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