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Bug#702697: RFP: git-remote-bzr -- bidirectional bridge between Git and Bazaar (Re: git: please enable git-remote-hg and git-remote-bzr)

On 2014-05-22 21:37 +0200, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> Hi Sven,
> Sven Joachim wrote:
>> On 2014-05-21 23:20 +0200, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>>> Now git-remote-bzr has graduated to its own upstream.  Reopening as a
>>> reminder to package it.  (Or if someone else gets to it before me, I
>>> won't mind.)
>> Well, it would have been _a little bit_ more user friendly to prepare a
>> package *before* removing git-bzr, wouldn't it?
> You're saying I should have done a lot of packaging work and waited for
> the result to go through the NEW queue, and blocked all updates to git
> in the meantime?

I didn't mean to say that.  It's just that…

> Keep in mind that by request of the git-remote-bzr maintainer,
> git-remote-bzr was removed from contrib/ in the upstream git package.
> The code is not there in v2.0.0-rc4.

…this was not at all clear to me from the changelog.  Under these
circumstances you had little choice, I agree.  Thanks for the


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