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Bug#748654: ITP: gopacket -- packet capturing and decoding library for Go

Hi Hilko,

Hilko Bengen <bengen@debian.org> writes:
> * Package name    : gopacket
>   Version         : 1.0.12-1
>   Upstream Author : Andreas Krennmair; Google Inc.
> * URL or Web page : http://code.google.com/p/gopacket/
> * License         : BSD-3-clause
>   Description     : packet capturing and decoding library for Go
>    The gopacket library provides various bindings for reading packets
>    off the wire, logic for decoding packet protocols, TCP stream
>    reassembly.
I’m not sure if you’re aware, but just in case you’re not:

We’d like to have all these go packages maintained in pkg-go. See
http://pkg-go.alioth.debian.org/ for more information.


Best regards,

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