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Bug#748605: RFA: phpdocx -- dynamical generation of .docx files

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request an adopter for the phpdocx package.

I recently packaged it as needed by owncloud, but that’s not true

The package description is:
 PHPDocX is a PHP library designed to generate completely dynamic,
 fully customizable and digitally signed Word documents.
 PHPDocX can create native .docx reports extracting data directly from
 any database or spreadsheet and export them to other popular formats
 (PDF, DOC, HTML, ODT...) with the help of the conversion plugin.
 These reports may include editable graphs (only .docx), images,
 tables, headers, footers, etcetera.
 PHPDocX can create, and digitally sign if required, Word documents
 from scratch or use predefined templates.

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