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Bug#739921: ITP: iperf3 -- tool for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth performance

Raoul Borenius <borenius@dfn.de> writes:
> I did a first attempt and packaged iperf3.
> I'm no Debian developer, I just maintain a few packages. So I'd need
> a sponsor in any case. Are you interested? You can find the packages
> at https://mentors.debian.net/package/iperf3.
>  Thanks and regards,

I figured I'd take a quick look over this before trying to find someone
else to take a look, and I noticed a few things:

- It uses cJSON (http://cjson.sourceforge.net/), which is a separate
  project. This should ideally be made into a separate package instead of
  included in this one. Unless I'm mistaken it's not a package in Debian
- The copyright file mentions public-domain a few times, however, I
  don't think any of them are actually public domain. See the relevant
  section of the Debian copyright format manual:
- In the copyright file, src/locale.c src/units.c src/tcp_window_size.c
  says it's licensed under public-domain, but the license looks like the
  BSD-3-Clause license. 
- config/ax_lib_socket_nsl.m4 also says it's public domain. 
- install-sh says "FSF changes to this file are in the public domain.",
  which does come from the license, but I highly doubt that the FSF
  would put a file into the the public domain since they know the issues
  with doing that. However, there are a bunch of other packages in
  Debian with this file in them, so I doubt it's a huge issue.

These are mostly small problems, and I'm not positive any of them are
blocking it getting into Debian. They are things that have been noticed
in packages I've created in the past, though, so I'm guessing that they
would be brought up with anyone I forwarded it to. 

I'll try to get someone to take a more experienced look as well.


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