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Bug#738850: ITP: iniparser -- a stand-alone INI file reading/writing library

Thanks for the prompt reply!

On 17/05/14 00:05, Klee Dienes wrote:
> You can find my packaged sources at https://github.com/kdienes/iniparser .

I've taken a look at your packaging at agree it looks good. I noted a
couple of things that I've picked up since I started packaging...

  - no need to define a .PHONY target
  - build flags import and set isn't required as dh9 sets all the
required build_flags

  - section can be removed from libiniparser0 binary package

debian/watch (Attached)
  - Look at GitHub tags directly (not via deprecated github redir)
  - Add dversionmangle to remove date/git suffix

  - Most new packages use a single entry in the changelog, for the
initial packaging and closing of ITP bug

> I think they’re ready to upload.  I’m currently working my way through
> the N-M process, after which I will likely upload the package myself.
>  Or if you know someone willing to sponsor the package, I’m happy to
> work with them sooner.

I do have a sponsor who I work with, for several packages but I can't
comment on his current workload etc. It may be worth preparing the
source and uploading to mentors.debian.org, filing an RFS bug and see if
anyone is interested.

> (Also, if you are interested, I’m happy to have you take over or
> co-maintain the package.  I packaged it because it was used by psmoveapi).

I would be reluctant to take over the package entirely as I'm not really
familiar with library packaging (other than perl modules).

Daniel Lintott
GPG Key: 4096R/5D73EC6E
opts=filenamemangle=s/.+\/v?(\d\S*)\.tar\.gz/iniparser-$1\.tar\.gz/,dversionmangle=s/\+.+// \
  https://github.com/ndevilla/iniparser/releases .*/archive/v?(\d\S*)\.tar\.gz

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