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Bug#748383: ITP: bash8 -- bash script style guide checker

On Sat May 17 2014 07:46:16 AM EDT, Ben Finney <ben@benfinney.id.au> wrote:
> Certainly ‘bash8’ carries no reliable connotation of “style checker for
> Bash code”.
> > > This is a reference to "pep8" in the Python.
> In the Python community, “PEP 8” carries strong connotation of “code
> style conventions for Python code”. It is *only* because of that
> existing connotation that a package named ‘pep8’ implies what the
> package installs.
> The same is not true for the name ‘bash8’. It is unreasonable to expect
> the average Bash user looking at package names to get a reference to
> Python conventions.
> IMO, the package (source and binary) name should more explicitly carry
> an implication of what the package installs. Perhaps
> ‘bash8-style-checker’ or the like.

It's ok, since the resulting binaries will be
"python{3,}-bash8". Our users don't get exposed
much to source package names, so I think it's ok
for me to choose bash8 as name to follow the one
upstream, though if you want I can use python-bash8.

Thomas (from my phone)

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