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Bug#726617: cminpack

Hi Mathieu,

Since I am not a DD yet, I just uploaded the package to debian-mentors:


Could you sponsor is, and (as a last step for this package :-) ) set
upload permissions for me here as described in


The symbols file is updated, and the only dependency of this package is
starlink-ast_8.0.0-1 n unstable. This is my own package, where I anyway
want to upload a new version. So, a transition is not needed IMO.

Best regards


Am 15.05.2014 08:53, schrieb Mathieu Malaterre:
>> Is there a reason that the library package is called libcminpack1.0.90
> I naively assumed upstream knew what they were doing with
> SOVERSION/SONAME. It appears this was a side effect of the cmake build
> files. The VERSION was used in place of the SOVERSION (this is fixed
> in current cmake files now AFAIK).
> You should definitely use 1 as SOVERSION that would be cleaner but
> requires updating the symbols file, a transition (and maybe other
> steps?).
> Good luck !

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