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Bug#732302: [Openmama-dev] QPID dependencies

On 06/05/14 14:01, Darryl L. Pierce wrote:
On Tue, May 06, 2014 at 01:20:02PM +0200, Daniel Pocock wrote:
On 06/05/14 12:41, Frank Quinn wrote:
Hi Daniel,

It's actually neither of these - the library needs to be a package for Qpid Proton:


Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything for this library on those repos.

Thanks for the feedback

I see that somebody has started to work on an official package of
qpid-proton for the Debian/Ubuntu world:


This is the report in the mentors page:


Darryl, thanks for contributing this to Debian - have you had feedback
from anybody about your work on this package?  Is anybody sponsoring it?
Not as of yet, no, on either the feedback or sponsorship side of things.

Ok, I guess this can be looked at this as part of the OpenMAMA package update to get your packaged sponsored

You have several wnpp bugs, I think the link I gave in the earlier email is not the one you link in the changelog, so we could use this one instead:

The lintian report (mentors.debian.net) shows a lot of 'E' and 'W' messages.  It is hard for a sponsor to upload the package while those exist.  If you can remove them, I could then sponsor it.  Many of them are duplicates and some are quite easy to fix, e.g.


is basically telling you the debian/copyright file should refer to /usr/share/common-licenses/Apache-2.0

Also, do you want to track the debian/* files in your qpid-proton repository or would you like Debian to keep those in a Debian hosted Git server?  For the latter, you just need to create a guest account on http://alioth.debian.org and send me your username and we can work out a way for you to put things in Git on alioth.

If you let me know about these things and cc the debian-mentors@lists.debian.org mailing list and the bug we will get this moving along.



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