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Bug#745711: RFA: downtimed -- monitor of downtime, shutdown, and crashes

Hello Mats!

> this is the previous maintainer talking. I object at the
> intent to adopt this package without my knowledge, since
> I already have found one candidate and whose name is
> ___not___ Stefan Brauer.

So, where is this person and why isn't he or she replying to this
bug report? You cannot assume other people to be able to read your
mind, can you?

Also, when you file an RFA bug report, you are making a public
announcement that you are looking for a volunteer to adopt your
package. There is no point to file such a bug report when you
have actually already found someone.

> As far as I understand the Debian policy documents and
> good conduct, the publication of an RFA does not declare
> a package to be public prey, to be handled by arbitrary
> means, ignoring the previous maintainer.

Aeh, yes. Again, you are declaring that you are no longer interested
in maintaining this package and therefore offering it up for adoption.

Stefan handled this situation absolutely correctly. He decided to step
up to adopt the package, replied to your RFA bug report and changed
the title to ITA. There is no reason to reply to his offer in such
a harsh tone, especially after we have just voted to accept the
new code of conduct in Debian which asks all contributors to assume
good faith rather than accuse other contributors of bad intent.

Unless the other person who you think should adopt the package is
going to step up and do it right away, I have no problem in supporting
Stefan's efforts and sponsoring his upload.



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