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Bug#747010: Add new package coturn to Debian

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Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

The COTURN TURN Server is a VoIP media traffic NAT traversal server. It extends the rfc5766-turn-server beyond the RFC 5766 TURN specs. It adds a multi-tenant implementation, and it will eventually include all post-RFC 5766 TURN specs.

This implementation also includes some extra features. Supported RFCs:

TURN specs:

  * RFC 5766 - base TURN specs
  * RFC 6062 - TCP relaying TURN extension
  * RFC 6156 - IPv6 extension for TURN
  * Experimental DTLS support as client protocol.
  * Experimental TURN ORIGIN attribute support (for multi-tenant server implementation).

STUN specs:

  * RFC 5389 - base "new" STUN specs
  * RFC 5769 - test vectors for STUN protocol testing
  * RFC 5780 - NAT behavior discovery support

The implementation fully supports UDP, TCP, TLS and DTLS as protocols between the TURN client and the TURN Server.

Flat files, MySQL or PostgreSQL are supported for the user repository (if authentication is required). Both short-term and long-term credentials mechanisms are supported. TURN Server REST API for time-limited secret-based authentication is implemented.

The implementation is supposed to be simple, easy to install and configure. The project focuses on performance, scalability and simplicity.

To achieve high performance and scalability, the TURN server is implemented with the following features:

  * High-performance industrial-strength Network IO engine libevent2 is used
  * Configurable multi-threading model implemented to allow full usage of available CPU resources (if OS allows multi-threading)
  * Multiple listening and relay addresses can be configured
  * Efficient memory model used
  * The TURN project code can be used in a custom proprietary networking environment. In the TURN server code, an abstract networking API is used. Only couple files in the project have to be re-written to plug-in the TURN server into a proprietary environment. With this project, only implementation for standard UNIX Networking/IO API is provided, but the user can implement any other environment. The TURN server code was originally developed for a high-performance proprietary corporate environment, then adopted for UNIX Networking API
  * The TURN server works as a user space process, without imposing any special requirements on the system


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