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Bug#635623: ITP: kazam -- easy to use application for recording on-screen action

Hi Andrew,

Il 20/01/2013 20:47, Andrew Starr-Bochicchio ha scritto:
Has there been any progress on this?

Actually, no; I'm sorry...

I hoped to find some time for this, but currently I'm very busy.

I'd be happy to review/sponsor/co-maintain any work towards getting
this in to Debian. If there hasn't been any work, I'd be happy to take
over this ITP and upload a package.

I only:
1) downloaded the tarball
2) renamed it as kazam_1.3.0.orig.tar.gz
3) created a new directory (kazam)
4) initialized a repo Git into this directory
5) imported the tarball with git-import-orig (with the --pristine-tar option)

Please note that probably newer versions have been released in the meantime.

Thank you for taking over this ITP.

Best regards,

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