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Bug#476284: bullet package name/numbering

Hello, late to the party but wanted to put in a comment regarding
library package naming/versioning. Please ignore this if it has
already been discussed and i missed it in the thread)

If your library belongs to a package that doesn't believe in sane
SONAME version numbering, but instead releases based on version
numbers that have nothing to do with binary compatibility, it is
sometimes best to use the -release LDFLAG:

>From the autotools book (but you can adjust it for whatever build
system you want) [1]

    On occasion, it is desirable to encode the release number of a
library into its name. By specifying the release number with this
option, libtool will build a library that does this, but will break
binary compatibility for each change of the release number. By
breaking binary compatibility this way, you negate the possibility of
fixing bugs in installed programs by installing an updated shared
library. You should probably be using `-version-info' instead.

    libshell_la_LDFLAGS = -release 27

    The above fragment might create a library called
`libshell-27.so.0.0.0' for example.


So, perhaps, libbulletcollision2.81 should really be:


and package name "libbulletcollission-2.81" not
"libbulletcollision2.81"  (note the dash and number is in the name,
the version will be appended on to it. This will, however, force
everything to be rebuilt whenever upstream releases a new version.

[1] http://www.sourceware.org/autobook/autobook/autobook_88.html#SEC88

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