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Bug#476284: Bullet


On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 10:23 PM, Markus Koschany <apo@gambaru.de> wrote:
> Bullet's SONAME matches the release version hence i have named the
> packages libbulletcollision2.81 and so on. I think we can expect a
> different SONAME every new release. What is the best approach to find a
> sane versioning scheme here?

  This is not necessarily great news here. There are two reasons why
upstream use that naming scheme:

  * the first and unfortunately least likely is that upstream isn't
too knowledgeable about SONAME and binary compatibility, in which case
pointing them nicely at
could help them to change their view on the subject. (I had another
better documentation in mind, but I can't find it anymore).

  * if that is not the case and the reason why upstream chose to use
the version as SONAME is that they don't care about binary
compatibility between releases. If that is true, then it means a
transition for EVERY new upstream release. The release team won't like
that so much...

  In both cases, a discussion must occur with upstream to know what is
their policy about binary compatibility.

  Hope this helps,



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