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Bug#697880: ITP: python-stem -- Tor control library for Python

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package name: python-stem
Version: 20130110git
Upstream Author: Damian Johnson <atagar@torproject.org>
URL: https://gitweb.torproject.org/pytorctl.git
License: LGPLv3
Description: Next generation of Tor control library for Python

 Stem is a python Tor controller with extensions to support path
 building and various constraints on node and path selection, as well as
 statistics gathering.
 Like its predecessor, TorCtl, it uses Tor’s control protocol 
 to help developers program against the Tor process, enabling
 them to build things similar to Vidalia and arm, or for researching
 over the Tor Network.

BOFH excuse #251:
Processes running slowly due to weak power supply

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