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Bug#487388: helping with flightgear package in Debian

Hi Ove,

I can help out with flightgear, I've been looking at it and did some
initial work. Some of it, at the least, was an exercise for me in
trying out some stuff I haven't done before. If you don't like it, I
have no problem rolling it back.

Most "invasive" is listed first

1) Moved the VCS to git
rationale: The SVN repo has the entire upstream source included, we
might as well be using git-buildpackage to check in the source and
pristine-tar deltas (and thus tagging upstream releases) makes
rebuilding of any .orig.tar.gz of any release easy. Many Debian SVN
repos have been moving in this direction, I think it is a good way to
go. I kept SVN's history and imported the tags.


I can put it in pkg-fgfs if you'd like, I'll have to join the team
first. Having it in collab-maint also makes it easier for others to
commit if you'd like to keep it there too.

2) Simplified debian rules to short dh style. In order to future-proof
building and make rules more readable, I cleaned the packaging up.

3) Lots of lintian cleaning, removed 20+ warnings, about 10 still
remain. Most were fixed by switching to dh rules. In the process of
hardening the binaries I bumped the debian/compat to 9. There still is
more lintian cleaning to go.

get-orig-source target. Somehow the upstream tarball is screwed up
(lots of warnings when building the package) and there is no
definitive way of grabbing upstream source. the watch file is working,
so use uscan to download current version and rename/repack at least.
new upstream source: will fix the security bug

Let me know if this is helpful or if any of these are out-of-bounds.
I'd like to keep working in this direction and possible update simgear
and fgfs-base similarly.

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