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Bug#657824: ITP: fftpack5 -- FORTRAN library of fast Fourier transforms

Package: wnpp
Owner: Youhei SASAKI <uwabami@gfd-dennou.org>
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : fftpack5
  Version         : 5.1
  Upstream Author : Paul Swarztrauber, Dick Valent
  Copyright holder: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
* URL or Web page : https://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/resources/legacy/fftpack5
* License         : NCL Source Code License (BSD-3-clause like)
  Description     : FORTRAN library of fast Fourier transforms

The Library FFTPACK 5.1 contains 1D, 2D, and multiple fast Fourier
subroutines, written in Fortran 77, for transforming real and complex
data, real even and odd wave data, and real even and odd quarter-wave

This library is extended version of fftpack, distributed at netlib.org
Youhei SASAKI <uwabami@gfd-dennou.org>
GPG fingerprint:
  4096/RSA: 66A4 EA70 4FE2 4055 8D6A C2E6 9394 F354 891D 7E07

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