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Bug#657381: ITP: php-horde-mnemo -- A web based notes manager

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Mathieu Parent <math.parent@gmail.com>

 Package name    : mnemo
 Version         : 3.0.5
 Upstream Author : Chuck Hagenbuch, Jan Schneider
 URL             : http://horde.org/
 License         : ASL
 Programming Lang: PHP
 Description     : A web based notes manager
The Mnemo Note Manager is the Horde notes/memos application. It allows users to keep web-based notes and freeform text. Notes may be shared with other users via shared notepads. It requires the Horde Application Framework and an SQL database or Kolab server for backend storage.

I'm packaging this as part of Horde4 packaging.

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