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Bug#657375: ITP: php-horde-imp -- A web based webmail system

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Mathieu Parent <math.parent@gmail.com>

 Package name    : imp
 Version         : 5.0.18
 Upstream Author : Michael Slusarz, Jan Schneider, Chuck Hagenbuch
 URL             : http://horde.org/
 License         : GPL-2.0
 Programming Lang: PHP
 Description     : A web based webmail system
IMP, the Internet Mail Program, is one of the most popular and widely deployed open source webmail applications in the world. It allows universal, web-based access to IMAP and POP3 mail servers and provides Ajax, mobile and traditional interfaces with a rich range of features normally found only in desktop email clients.

I'm packaging this as part of Horde4 packaging.

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