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Bug#655185: RFP: pxz -- parallel xz compressor

Hi Jonathan,

On Mon, Jan 09, 2012 at 01:54:10PM -0600, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> > According to the xz man-page in Debian Stable (5.0.0) as well as
> > Unstable (5.1.1alpha), the --threads option is still non-functional:
> > "Multithreaded compression and decompression are not implemented yet,
> > so this option has no effect for now."
> >
> > But you sound as if that is already implemented. So maybe the man-page
> > is just out-of-date?
> As the changelog says:
>     - Continue to leave out threading support, since the relevant
>       interfaces in liblzma are not yet stable.

Ah, while I thought it may be an compile option this didn't fit to the
way it was mentioned in the man-page, so I neither checked
debian/rules nor debian/changelog.

> I'd be happy to prepare an upload enabling threading for experimental,
> though.  (Please feel free to file a bug as a reminder.)  And to ask
> Larhzu what's left to be done in order to release. :)

Well, actually, I don't mind _how_ I get parallel xz support. The main
point is get a program that offers it. (Actually I'd need a backport
to stable. ;-) (Cc'ing the original RFP again because of this and the
following paragraph.)

Another option would be to use this hack called ChopZip[1] which
actually chops the to be compressed file in parts and then
concatenates the compressed parts together. Said to work with gzip,
bzip2, lzip and xz.

  [1] http://handyfloss.net/2009.12/chopzip-a-parallel-implementation-of-arbitrary-compression-algorithms/

Anyway, thanks for all the informative mails about xz and talking to
upstreams to check the state of their collaboration.

		Kind regards, Axel
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