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Bug#406935: problems with 1.2.25 templates directory

It seems there's a change in the way 1.2.25 handles the templates
directory that breaks our install here. I used the debian/ directory
from the 1.2.25-1 tag to build myself a debian package, which I
installed. It proposed that i change the templates directory in my
config to /etc/ledgersmb/templates, but that doesn't actually work. It
needs to stay at "templates".

The workaround i found was to create a symlink from
/etc/ledgersmb/templates to /usr/share/ledgersmb, then things went back
to normal.

I understand this may not be a priority since we're trying to focus on
1.3 here, but i wanted to document in case others found the same

Also, we're not quite ready yet to upgrade to 1.3. :)


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