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Bug#655082: RFP:shutdown-gtimer -- an advanced timer which can do much more than to shutdown computer.

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

    Package name: shutdown-gtimer
         Version: 0.3.8
 Upstream Author: 
             URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/shutdown-gtimer/
         License: GPL
Programming Lang: Python
     Description: An advanced timer which can do much more than to 
                  shutdown computer. Utility which allows you to
                  schedule shutdown, restart, suspend, hibernation,
                  logout, execution of shell commands, or just
                  notifications up to week ahead. Simple and fast GUI
                  that supports presets is based on GTK+ 2 and Python


    * Fast control by mouse and keyboard
    * Timer for up to one week
    * Support for saving presets with autostart in 3 formates -
Duration, Target time, Target time&day
    * Any of the saved presets can be set as default and is instantly
executed once SGTimer is launched
    * Supports quiclikst in Unity Launcher and other docks for direct
access to the presets
    * Countdown time can be, as little widget, placed anywhere on the
screen, with variable opacity
    * Works on older systems also at least from Ubuntu 8.04 up
    * Direct access to all actions - Shutdown, LogOut, Hibernate,
Suspend, Restart, Command/Message
    * Supported services: ConsoleKit, UPower, DeviceKit, HAL,
gnome.SessionManager, kde.kmserver
    * Works even without installting, just untar archive anywhere you
want and execute sgtimer file. If you want an icon in main Applications
menu just click on Settings and choose Quicklist Launcher.
    * Shell commands can be executed before other actions, for example
to kill some application before Suspend, etc.

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