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Bug#612341: Status of libjpeg-turbo ITP

Hi Fathi,

On Fr 06 Jan 2012 22:55:10 CET Fathi Boudra wrote:


On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 11:23 PM, Mike Gabriel wrote:
Hi Fabo,

can you say anything about the status of the libjpeg-turbo ITP? I have just
placed an ITP for TigerVNC, but TigerVNC needs libjpeg-turbo.

Thanks for any information being given.

It's ready to be uploaded. I need to enable libjpegv8 compatibility
and merge the upload on Ubuntu.
Guess that it will be in NEW in the next couple of days.



This is good news. It would be really great if libjpeg-turbo would be available in Debian sid or experimental within the next couple of weeks!!! Please keep me posted (via this BTS issue). Thanks!



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